Whenever I sin.

Whenever I sin.. especially repeat sins that are debilitating…

I am reminded how far I can fall if I am without Christ.

He is a perfect fit for me, a perfect Savior.

It ought not grieve me so much as I am inadequate… that, by itself is inadequate and pitiable.

But it ought to make me see in my sin, and even as a redeemed one, how much I need Christ.

And nothing and no one else.



God, I thank you for the Protestant reformation, whereby You revived Your church through faithful men, handpicked from the most unlikely places.

Lord, You said You will build Your church and You have done it and will continually do so.

From a friend who has encouraged me, loved me, provided for me so much… despite our very brief interaction:

“Brother, don’t be disappointed by denomination.

It’s just a name, it’s how you walk with God that matters.

You find mixed groups in every denomination.

And let’s not be surprised that you see some [whom we do not expect to see] in heaven as well.

It’s more important to seek a reformed heart.”

I am sharing this since today is reformation day.. 31/10/2021.

“It’s more important to seek a reformed heart.”



Photo by Esmonde Yong on Unsplash

Kalau boleh, bolehkah kami mengetepikan permusuhan dan bersatu?

Kalau boleh, bolehkah kami fikirkan siapakah musuh sebenar kami selama ini?

Kalau boleh, ingatkah anda beberapa tahun dulu, kami menyani lagu tu, ‘saya Anak Malaysia,

Melayu iban india cina Kadazan portugis pun ada Semua kaya dengan budaya Di bawah kibaran satu bendera

Bolehkah kami fikirkan apa sebenarnya maksud dia?

Kalau boleh, bolehkah kita semua menaklukkan rasisme yang terdapat dalam hati kita sendiri,

Namua diri sendiri adalah penjahah yang menghalang kami sebagai negara untuk berdikari.

Kalau boleh, bolehkah pantun ini direalisasi?

Selamat Hari Malaysia.





Christian, Engineer, Journalist. Ecclesiastes 12:13–14.