Sarawak-Japan Friendship Club

砂日友好協會 — Kelab Persahabatan Sarawak Jepun Malaysia — サラワク日本友好クラブ

Founded in 2004, the Sarawak-Japan Friendship Club is a self-supporting club managed by:

The club also organizes and runs cultural and social activities besides conducting Japanese language lessons.

2004 年に設立されたサラワク日本フレンドシップクラブは、以下のメンバーで運営されている自主運営のクラブです。


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From its Facebook page:

Formed on March 3, 2004 by Mr Tetsuo Fuji, a former manager for the Batang Air Dam construction, and a frequent visitor thereafter who felt that there was a need in closer ties among the visiting Japanese with the local communities and to know their art and culture.

Batang Ai Dam from the POV of an Aerial Drone. Credits to Chai Lai.

“To help establish better relationship between the people in Sarawak and Japan, Fuji set up the Sarawak-Japan Friendship Club about 10 years ago.

The Club now holds regular Japanese language classes at its premises at Jalan Song Thian Chiok in Kuching.

Utilizing his local knowledge and contacts, Fujii also advises Japanese companies interested in investing in the state.

He has set himself the mission to help the people here as much as he can as he often says Sarawak is my second home.”

Trip down memory lane to Batang Ai by Francis Chan, REPORTERS@THEBORNEOPOST.COM (February 23, 2014).

Below is a simple interview conducted with Mr. Ho Yun Choi who has journeyed with the club since its inception in the 1990s.

1. What is Japanese-Sarawak Friendship club?


Sarawak Japan Friendship Club is a local club which works with Japanese professionals who have been in Kuching before.


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2. What does it seek to achieve?


The club seeks to The club seeks to promote as well as exchange the Japanese language and culture with the language and culture of Sarawak.


3. What milestones has it achieved throughout the many years it has since been established?


Many of our students have studied and have been exposed to the Japanese Language and learned Japanese Culture during these years.


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“The club seeks to The club seeks to promote as well as exchange the Japanese language and culture with the language and culture of Sarawak.”


No road is too long in the company of a friend.

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